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Governor Mark Dayton held a press conference to discuss the MNCare Buy-In and the Medicaid Work Requirement Legislation amongst other end of session issues. Dr. Nathan Chomilo was invited to discuss our concerns about the Medicaid Work Requirements and support for a MNCare Buy-In (~6:48).


Politics Friday: Campaigns and Health care

Dr. Nathan Chomilo was part of a panel discussion on healthcare policy and its impact in MN


Eager to quit opioids, but unable to get meds

Dr. Ryan Kelly was quoted in this piece on barriers for patients on Medicaid in getting access to treatment for opioid addiction


Minnesota’s new mental health crisis: Suicide
Dr. Madhuri Shors was part of a panel discussion about mental health and how suicide is a public health problem and what we can start doing about it


Should Medical Assistance come with a work requirement?

Dr. Nathan Chomilo was part of a roundtable discussion with Kerri Miller from MPR and Tara Oneill Hayes from American Action Forum


Proposed Medicaid work requirements could end up costing Minnesota

Dr. Nathan Chomilo was quoted in this piece on the harms of Medicaid Work Requirements


Whatever is done on U.S. health care policy, the process should be open, transparent, and unhurried.

By Dr. Dimitri Drekonja


The choice is clear: Expanding MinnesotaCare puts patients first

By Drs. Michael Aylward, Briar Duffy, Nathan Chomilo and Tyler Winkelman, MD Health Equity