Policy positions

Health Care Coverage

Key Issues

MinnesotaCare Buy-in

Offer MinnesotaCare as an insurance option for all Minnesotans who purchase MinnesotaCare on MNsure

Key points:

  • MinnesotaCare is a home-grown insurance plan for lower-income Minnesotans.

  • MinnesotaCare is less expensive than private insurance plans on Minnesota’s health insurance exchange, MNsure.

  • Allowing Minnesotans to purchase MinnesotaCare would increase health insurance options, particularly for individuals and families in rural Minnesota.


Provider Tax

The Provider Tax is essential to ensure equitable access to health care and adequate reserves in the Health Care Access Fund. MDHEQ supports continuation of the Provider Tax rather than allowing it to end on December 31, 2019.

Key points:

  • Every state except Alaska has some form of Provider Tax

  • In MN the Provider Tax is a 2% tax on services provided by doctors and other clinicians. It is set to end Dec 31st 2019.

  • The Provider Tax funds the Health Care Access Fund. The Health Care Access Fund primarily helps lower-income Minnesotans pay for health insurance.

  • If the Provider Tax expires, funding will run out and our patients will lose their health insurance.

  • There is currently no viable alternative to replace revenue if the Provider Tax expires.

  • Revenue from the Provider Tax will provide Minnesota with flexibility if there are major changes to health care at the federal level.


Paid Family & Medical Leave 

Paid family and medical leave is essential to reduce poverty and close the widening racial disparities Minnesota sees in health and wellness outcomes.

Key points: 


Research shows that Paid Family and Medical Leave:

IMPROVES: Breastfeeding | Infant Brain Development and Bonding | Vaccination Rates

LOWERS: Maternal and Infant Mortality | Premature Births | Racial Health Disparities