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Information on the Provider Tax and Minnesota Care

Provider Tax:

  • Provider taxes are common. In fact, every state except Alaska has some form of taxation on healthcare. Click here to read more generally about provider taxation across the country as presented by the National Conference of State Legislatures 
  • Minnesota Management Budget update. Minnesota's Provider Tax funds the state's Health Care Access Fund. Money in the Health Care Access Fund pays for MinnesotaCare and other important health care programs. The Health Care Access Fund could also be used to expand MinnesotaCare to more lower-income individuals. 
  • There's a lot at stake in Minnesota if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. Thousands of Minnesotans across the state will lose health insurance. Uninsured patients have worse health outcomes and lose hospitals millions of dollars in revenue. During these rocky times, we need to keep the Health Care Access Fun afloat to buoy health care cuts at the federal level.   


MinnesotaCare Buy-In

  • Public insurance programs improve health outcomes and reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients. 
  • Other physician groups will argue that because MinnesotaCare pays them less than private insurance, they are forced to charge individuals with private coverage more money to make up for lost revenue. However, there appears to be little merit to this threat based on both information in the press as well as in peer reviewed journals (Frakt, Clemens, White).  
  • The Minnesota Health Care Task Force found that expanding MinnesotaCare would dramatically lower health care costs for many Minnesotans. 

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